Vår hållbarhetspolicy

Vår hållbarhetspolicy fokuserar på att minimera vår miljöpåverkan samt att uppnå skadefria och hälsosamma arbetsplatser för alla som arbetar för BoKlok.

Våra policy-dokument upprättas på engelska som är BoKloks företagsspråk.

Sustainability policy

Statement and purpose

BoKlok strives to minimise negative impact on environment and to ensure a safe working environment, which influences all our business decisions and operations. The areas of sustainability in focus in this policy are Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).

At BoKlok, we are committed to create a positive impact in society and minimising our environmental and climate footprint. For us, sustainability is about making it possible for the many people to live more sustainably. We strive to provide an injury free, healthy, and safe working culture where all employees can develop both professionally and as an individual.

Complying with applicable legislation in the markets where we operate is baseline in our environmental and OH&S work. We aim for continuous improvements, including development of our management system.

The policy applies to all BoKlok units and all employees. The BoKlok Leadership Team and Operating Unit’s leadership teams are responsible for implementation of the policy and structured collaborations between workers and company ensures compliance.


Our sustainability focus

  • A clear and visible leadership, with the right conditions for taking responsibility.
  • Promote a strong safety culture and eliminate hazards and minimise risks in all areas of our business.
  • Conduct OH&S work in collaboration with employers, employees and safety officers.
  • Provide training to promote safe and healthy workplaces and guiding employees on how to minimise our environmental impact.
  • Improving energy efficiency and climate performance throughout the lifespan of the BoKlok home.
  • Economising with material and resources with circularity in focus.
  • Avoiding products, material and methods that could constitute a health and environmental hazard.
  • Harmonising our sustainability work with Skanska and IKEA.


Measuring, reporting and communication

Through our management system we ensure a systematic approach and we communicate our values and goals related to OH&S and environmental performance to all employees. We measure and follow up observations, incidents, accidents and environmental performance in all operating units and in collaboration with our partners.