Vår kvalitetspolicy

Som bostadsutvecklare tar vi ett stort ansvar för kvaliteten i de områden vi utvecklar, fastigheterna vi skapar och hemmen våra kunder flyttar in i.

Våra policy-dokument upprättas på engelska som är BoKloks företagsspråk.

Quality policy

BoKlok develops and builds quality homes in wood. We are responsible for the entire value chain – from land purchase to customer relations after move-in. As a residential developer we have a major responsibility to ensure the quality of the areas we develop, the buildings we create and the homes our customers move in to. We always want to meet our customers' and communities' needs of efficient and sustainable products and living areas. Everyone working at Boklok, our suppliers, our subcontractors and our partners, have a responsibility to abide by the principles set our in our Quality Policy and to integrate quality into all that they do.

  • We build for a better society

    The needs of our customers and communities are the basis of our business. Our focus is therefore to ensure that everything we deliver contributes to a better society and provides a good reference for future business.
  • Commit to customers

    We have to earn the trust of our customers. That is why we put customers in centre and find out what their needs are. Our customer are local authorities, property owners and the individuals who will live in our homes. We make sure that our products and everything we deliver meet their needs in both the short and long term. At a minimum, we always comply with applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements.
  • We set challenging goals and constantly drive improvement

    Our ambition level is high and we monitor our performance and constantly improve our processes, methods and tools to meet the changing needs of customers and communities.
  • We are highly skilled

    We make sure we have the skills required to meet the needs of our customers and communities, and to achieve our goals. Through constant development, we ensure that our employees, suppliers and our entire organization have the right skills. We systematically learn from our own experiences and those of others.
  • We take responsibility

    We are proud of our brand and take responsibility for all that we deliver. This requires high standards for ourselves and our suppliers, subcontractors, partners and communities. By working in cooperation with all parties involved, we prevent quality defects and find even better solutions to meet the needs that exist.

Our principles are linked to BoKlok's values and other policies, such as the Code of Conduct, “We are BoKlok” and the Sustainability policy. These, along with our processes and tools, are all combined to form the management system we call BoKlok Way.